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Auto Erotic Asphyxiation

Asphyxiation sex clips

Nikki Next makes Rico her bitch in this clip, quickly shutting him up by shoving her feet in his face. She tells him "I'll knock you out" if he says something she doesn't like, then plants her sole into his throat. She asks if his girlfriend knows he's about to get foot-fucked by her and he stammers that no, she doesn't. He tries so hard for the girl he lusts for at first site, that he takes Tom outside and grabs his forearm over like a high-schooler. Of course, it's only been a year and a summer since Nikki Next walked the halls. Rico almost makes it to the ink, taking her foot deep in his throat, trying and trying. He licks between her toes like a '40s matinee idol and takes more of her feet deep in his throat, gagging, kissing and sucking. Nikki Next gets hotter every time we see her. The camera can't help it's occasional closeups of her face, which combines all the necessary qualities of beauty and improves upon some. She makes the dark man call her "Mistress Nikki" as she uses his mouth as her personal foot slut. More foot-gagging, pinching his nose with her toes and ripping at his mouth. She taunts him about wanting to please her. She knows he has a crush on her. She tells him to get on his knees and worship her feet, which he does with passion and intensity. He gags and she warns him she will force him to do awful things if he gets ill. That Reality Girls force misery out of so many never stops them from warning victims to not let that misery interfere with their general comfort. Rico worships Nikki Next and here, continuing to suck and worship her feet hit new with sky-blue toe polish, he bows to her as she relaxes, bemused, beautiful and loving it. If anyone feels she deserves worship it's Nikki Next, and she wants it in the form of people at her feet. She talks here about how she loves her feet worshipped, maybe as much as knocking people out. This guy becomes her absolute foot bitch. She makes him suck her big toe to humiliate him. Cleaning and licking her feet heel-to-toe, he gets them plowed further down his throat and shoved into his face so she doesn't have to hear his mouth. She has no desire to hear him; she just wants to bite her lip while he sucks on her feet like a loser. He leans his whole face into both soles before she calls him off and tells him "Kiss my feet goodbye. Asphyxiation sex clips

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