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Average canadian sex

The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health Average age at menarche in various cultures In Europe and America, and probably in other cultures, the average age at which a girl first menstruates has gradually declined in recent historical times, the possible reasons being better nutrition and health but see below. The age seems to have leveled off in America at the end of the 20th century, although the first appearance of other signs of sexual maturity, such as breast growth and pubic hair, is still declining, possibly as a result of obesity and estrogen in the environment - for example, from discarded birth control pills. Please send me good sources for estimates; I want to put well-documented ones for different cultures on this page. I'm putting the contributions I've received or found most recently, at top. See booklets for menarcheal girls and their parents that companies Kotex, Tampax, etc. The online edition of the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel reports that German girls and boys continue the trend of earlier first menstruation and first ejaculation. Researchers noted the trend years ago. In the average menarche happened at Kluge by the way, klug means smart in German attributed the early maturation mostly to obesity caused by fast food. Lack of fat can also stop menstruation, which is what happens with anorexia. Read the story in German - oops, the magazine took the story off its site. Howard Kelly, first professor of gynecology at Johns Hopkins, wrote the following in the edition the last of his text Gynecology. The analysis of over ten thousand histories in the United States and Canada by Engelmann showed that the average age at which menstruation begins menarche is Stefansson, eminent explorer, has noted that maturity takes place among the Eskimos about as early as in the south of Europe, owing to the intense heat of their igloos where the women are housed through the winter temperature 80 or 90 degrees and the double layer of fur clothing worn. They would seem for a large part of the year to live in a Turkish bath. Read her comments and presentation, with sources, under the third chart. The student writes about menarche and the charts above, I studied the onset of puberty in general, and focused in part on menarche. In short, I found that the secular trend here, secular means existing or continuing through ages or centuries - in other words, how the ages at first menstruation has changed through the centuries was not, in fact, a modern drop in age of onset, but rather due to a 19th century rise in onset, probably due to nutritional factors. The trend was publicized by Tanner and colleagues. Many of the charts I've included come from his research. Part of the problem with Tanner's data is that he based the early estimates i. If you look at the chart giving ages in various parts of the world, you'll see that in New Guinea, the average age is much higher than elsewhere, probably due to poor nutrition. You'll also see that everywhere else, the average age is about the same, and that the populations the data is based on are "well-off" or "middle class," etc. Bibliography for the presentation, below, and charts, above: A Misuse of Historical Data. DC Heath and Company, Cray, Don, et al. Herman-Giddens, Marica, et al. Physical Growth from Conception to Maturity. Harvard University Press, Growth at adolescence, with a general consideration of the effects of hereditary and environmental factors upon growth and maturation from birth to maturity. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Read the student's interesting presentation: Trends in Age at Onset of Puberty For several years, researchers have been noticing a possible decline in the age of girls at the onset of puberty. Is this really happening, and if so, why, and what does it mean? What causes the onset of puberty? Androgens released during adrenarche may cause the secretion of pubertal hormones i. The rise in estrogen causes thelarche a. Other possible indicators of estrogen secretion include: Average canadian sex

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  1. As of next year, there will only be four left. Read the story in German - oops, the magazine took the story off its site.

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