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Bumming sex blog

I'm still hoping to get it done by the end of the month so I can work at least on Lapdancing Girlfriend 06 if not give Annie 08 some love Have some real life issues I'm sorting out which has led to some set backs in terms of time writing For Patr 2 years ago Read more Blog post Update finally! It's been a while since the last update a month to be precise. For those who have followed me for some time, you know summers are always bad Between family, bumming, vacations, and just the general hub bub, things move slow. But Fall is now upon us! I am now 2 years ago Read more Blog post Thank you! I want to thank the people who have commented on my book on Amazon! As a result, there have been an overall increase in sales as well as rankings I've been in the top for Erotic Romance all week. I know a few people have said getting comments was going to be difficult, as well as a few pointing out studies showing people are more likely to comment on BAD things as opposed to GOOD things I get all these comments wishing me well on the book, everybody on this blog as well as Patreon, and all I can get are 3 reviews for the book? And one of those is obviously the Amazon bot for new authors I did not expect anything huge for my first release, but the number of comments has left me a bit disheartened. Wondering if I should even continue at this point.. I know a lot of you cannot support financially on Patreon, and am forever thankful to those that do; however, if you cannot, if you wouldn't mind taking five minutes or so out of your life an 2 years ago Read more Blog post Just released! Katie and Bob's lives together had begun to grow stale. Desperate to reignite their relationship, they decide to purchase a house and move in together. It does not take long before Mike and Chaz find themselves easily distracted by the beautiful Katie, and Chaz flirts with Katie right from the start. Instead of becoming jealo 2 years ago Read more Blog post Update Sunday, August 7, I received the notice from Patreon all the billing transactions were done, so have updated the Dropbox permissions There were two people whose payments were declined and have notified them, so hopefully it was nothing too involved and those get resolved. I know it's been a slow month I apologize for the lack of updates By the time I got back to the hotel, was completely whipped and after showering and eating, ended up crashing early every night, even thought I brought my laptop with ever intention of working on my writing. I'll hopefully be posting some new ima 2 years ago Read more Blog post Dropbox permissions set Got the Patreon message stating the payments for this month's supporters have gone through Sometimes simply waiting a day or two and things go through, but if you get my message, you may want to verify things. There seems to be a problem with some of the Dropbox folders. Tiers 4 and 5 I am unable to "share" for some reason. A little render to commemorate the holiday: Things are moving slowly on my book Summers are always bad timing, and with visitors and work and just wanting to get out and enjoy the days, the writing has sort of lagged behind. It's still progressing, so hopefully there will some f 2 years ago Read more Blog post Has it been a month already? Holy crap, I cannot believe it's been a month since I have posted A LOT has been going on in both the writing front and 3D graphics front My focus is still on getting both the text and illustrated versions of my Good Girl Gone Bad story out, but I've also been working on a few other things: Over the years, as t 2 years ago Read more Blog post I'm still here! There's a lot going on behind the scenes I am writing up a big post about it, but I have NOT be idle. There has been some push to "publish" my stories So I was hit by that catharsis that comes when you write the last sentence to a story this weekend when I finished Good Girl Gone Bad. I still need to give it a full reading and edit out many of the mistakes, but the first full DRAFT is completed. Hopefully this coming weekend I can get through it to clean up many of the errors and such that are usually within a first draft. That means I will probably be working on Lapdancing in April. No, your eyes do not deceive you I was sick all last week. What started out as a cold ended in a bad sinus infection I have updated all the Dropbox permissions, and you all will find a treat in the "Primary Story" folder. No, your eyes do not deceive you, LOL Bumming sex blog

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