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Cheap sex and sad films

So much is this so that it has led to a suggestion that the encouragement of prostitution is part of a formulated plan arranged by the pro-Axis elements, primarily to spread venereal disease among Allied troops. Moon discusses venereal disease and prostitution in her book,Sex among Allies: Military Prostitution in U. For those who have not served overseas, it might surprise you to know that some members of the American armed forces carry their prejudices with them. They might travel 9, miles together and work and fight side-by-side, but at night many preferred to go to bars, houses of prostitution, and even sometimes entire villages that are either exclusively black or white. It always amazed me that a soldier walking into the wrong bar in Korea Vietnam might be beaten by his fellow soldiers for a social faux pas. Katherine Moon discusses this strange aspect of American sexual relationships with local prostitutes. I have cut and pasted some of her comments on this subject: What began as a joint US - Korean venture to improve the discipline, welfare, and morale among U. During the Clean-Up Campaign, the prostitutes bore the burden of reconciling the differences between two races blacks and whites and two governments. The prostitutes were the primary and often sole contact with Korean society that GIs had on a daily basis. Mixing of racial partners sparked often violent reactions among the GIs. Fights between black and white soldiers were, in a sense, over territory, that is, who possesses which women and who is trespassing on whose women. Three Korean prostitutes pose for a picture Lottery tickets from two Korean nightclubs Many Korean bars and nightclubs offered lottery tickets free with every drink. You stood a chance of winning a whole night with one of the club's prostitutes, a short time "quickie" with a girl of your choice, cash, or a bottle or glass of the local liquor or beer. Of course if you won the top prizes, the "overnight" or "quickie" you stood a chance of getting more than you hoped for - a trip to the VD clinic. By the way, notice the Arirang Club lottery ticket. That name brings back pleasurable memories to me because Arirang is an ancient Korean folksong. I once had a bar-girl solemnly explain the meaning to me, "Girl say to boyfriend, 'If you leave me I hope you fall down and break your leg'. Her plaintive words and the charming melody account for its status as the most popular of all Korean songs. Syngman Rhee, the first President of the Republic of Korea, in appreciation of the division's heroic exploits in the Korean War Some of the pertinent comments in the article are: In Korea the Army medics keep a supply of those printed notices close at hand in mimeographed stacks. The VD statistics ebb and flow from time to time as various commanders push prevention campaigns in whatever ways they can, but the basic situation rich Army amongst poor people remains the same, and the VD stays around. Eight out of every ten G. The booklet above identifies those bars where the girls are inspected and the soldier might be safe from VD. This book almost looks official, but because of the broken language found in the text, I suspect it was made by Chinese entrepreneurs that banded together to increase business. Some of the text is: Taipei City has 30 bars approved by the Government. We are sure that you, from there, will drink nice wine, will enjoy good music, and, of course get a special service from charming girls. For your personal health, those girls are given a periodic physical check-up every two weeks. We wish you have a wonderful time during your short period vacation in Taipei. During an interview he was asked about his strangest Army assignment: The venereal disease poster. They were having trouble in the army with too many enlisted men coming down with venereal disease. While enlisted men got "the clap" and other nasty diseases, officers usually are diagnosed with non-venereal urinary infections, non-specific urethritis inflammation of the urethra which is not caused by gonorrhea, or more commonly "sprains. Although nowhere near that of the Navy, the U. Army does have its own caste system]. Set up by the army, they were little places with a green light above the door. At any rate it was like mission impossible. He looks very smug and self-satisfied, and a dialogue balloon above his head said "VD? So in my own humble way, I think I probably won the war single-handedly, because if that stopped them from getting ill then they were all ready and set to fight. One anonymous lieutenant told me about his trip to the doctor with what sounds like a classic case of gonorrhea: One morning I got up and stepped into the head to urinate. I was rewarded with incredible pain and red tinted urine. I basically was close to howling at the pain level. I reported to headquarters and quickly got on sick call, taking a M over to Can Tho Army Airfield dispensary. The Specialist 4 medic wanted a sample to 'scope' in the back room, all the while sneering at my insistence that "it couldn't be VD". After another "screamer" in the head, the sample was inspected and minutes later the Capt Doc came out and said something like: Instead of a load of Penicillin in the butt, I got an envelope of Tetracycline. I asked how I contracted this kind of infection and he indicated that it was just one of the bugs that came out of the wash water. Most likely the bugs were picked up in the underwear, or picked up off the bedding. Within 24 hours of taking massive doses of tetracycline, the pain had almost gone as the nasty spirochete succumbed to the antibiotic. By three days, healing had removed all of it. From then on, I showered with a hexachloraphine scrub soap called Phisohex. The image of children swimming in the Bassac tributary of the Mekong is vivid in my mind. How do they all keep from falling victim to the trillions of hungry organisms? I can't help but think that maybe mamas an was washing my laundry with special water "just for you GI". One morning in April of I woke up with painful urination and a small discharge visible on my skivvies. I had not done a damned thing to acquire of dose of anything. The next day I was worse, so off to see the battalion surgeon I went. When I started to explain that I was pure as the driven snow, the doc waved me off and said that I was maybe the sixth case of this malady he had seen in a few days. It wasn't VD; he didn't know what it was. He marked my record "nonspecific urethritis. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. VD was a constant problem in Vietnam. They have apparently given up trying to educate the troops and seem to be targeting the women in their venereal disease prevention program: A Typical Vietnam Bar 1. Prostitution would not be legally recognized by the republic of Vietnam. Bargirls and streetwalkers could not be controlled for a variety of reasons i. The only effective program would be one controlling females working in houses of prostitution. A "State of the Command" fact sheet dated 29 April shows that in the 1st Cavalry Division, the sickness rate per troops was It was a problem! A former Marine checking his battalion records brags that his battalion had just 4 cases per in the same time period. Of course, the Air Force had the ability to visit nearby villages while the Marines probably spent most of their time in the field. We should mention that the real rates were probably somewhat higher. Many troops went into the local village to be treated, hoping to avoid company punishment. The problem was that the local native "doctor" often injected the patient with condensed milk or some other solution instead of the promised penicillin. There are no statistics to tell what ultimate damage was caused by this attempt to circumvent the medical regulations. I enjoy hearing VD anecdotes and I have heard a lot of them. This one may be the best I ever heard. Medics treat friend and foe alike: I was a medic in a Civil Affairs Unit in Vietnam. I had a foot locker that I kept close my entire tour. I'd setup with my footlocker and interpreter near our truck where the Rhade passed while the rest of the team tried to find locals in need of free medical attention. One afternoon with the rest of the CA team nowhere to be seen, five young men approached. The men were unarmed, dressed in fresh, completely-unadorned drabs, and wearing boonie hats. I couldn't quite put my finger on their ethnicity, but my interpreter turned green at the gills. They hailed us in Vietnamese, my interpreter answered, and eventually, I understood the reason for their visit. The entire group had Gonorrhea the Clap and needed antibiotics. I gave them my lecture about the dangers of self-medication and advised they see a doctor. The group was not impressed and repeated their request. My interpreter was now ashen. I looked up the treatment for Gonorrhea in the Merck Manual. I gave each of them several tablets of oral penicillin with a stern warning and my repeated lecture on the hazards of self-medication. The group turned friendly after they gulped down their tablets. One climbed a nearby tree to fetch a hand of green bananas. All gifted me with some fruit, and behaved like we were best buddies. After they left, my interpreter informed me the group was North Vietnamese soldiers and no friends of ours. Cheap sex and sad films

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  2. I lean against the wall and try to breathe calmly, reminding myself this place is only populated by old memories and the occasional homeless person looking for a safe place to be. He is bipolar and suffers from major substance dependence.

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