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Establishment[ edit ] One year prior to the incorporation of the tiny town of Portland, Oregon in , prospective leaders of the new community determined to establish a local newspaper—an institution which was seen as a prerequisite to urban growth. Chapman and prominent local businessman Henry W. Dryer , a transplanted New Yorker who was an energetic writer with both printing equipment and previous experience in the production of a small circulation community newspaper in his native Ulster County, New York. Scott as he appeared in the s. From to Harvey W. Scott was the editor. Corbett bought the paper from a cash-poor Pittock in October and placed William Lair Hill as editor. New location[ edit ] The Oregonian Building of was the paper's home until It was demolished in The paper's offices and presses were originally housed in a two-story building at the intersection of First Street now First Avenue and Morrison Street, but in the paper moved into a new nine-story building at 6th and Alder streets. The building was demolished in Following the death of Harvey Scott in , the paper's editor-in-chief was Edgar B. Piper , who had previously been managing editor. Two years later, associate editor Ronald G. Callvert received a Pulitzer Prize for editorial reporting for "distinguished editorial writing The new building was designed by Pietro Belluschi and again was named the Oregonian Building. Ladd mansion, which had been demolished around Scott because of the outrageous price. Hoffman , who was under a very profitable cost-plus contract. MacNaughton was forced to exhaust the company's loan limits at First National Bank , then turn to the Bank of America. The Oregonian's circulation in was ,; that of the rival Oregon Journal was , Production and business operations of the two newspapers were consolidated in The Oregonian's building, while their editorial staffs remained separate. Late s—early s[ edit ] In , Fred Stickel came to The Oregonian from New Jersey to become general manager of the paper; he became president in and publisher in Newhouse died in , S. Hilliard was named editor in , and was the paper's first African-American editor. Landauer, then editorial page editor, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing for "a bold campaign to defuse myths and prejudice promoted by an anti-homosexual constitutional amendment, which was subsequently defeated", according to the Pulitzer judges. The integrity of The Oregonian became the subject of national coverage when The Washington Post broke the story of inappropriate sexual advances which led to the resignation of Oregon senator Bob Packwood four years later. This prompted some to joke, "If it matters to Oregonians, it's in the Washington Post" a twist on the Oregonian's slogan "If it matters to Oregonians, it's in The Oregonian. That bank merger last week? Who came out on top? This is what really happened. Business news should be handled as finely crafted drama; it's got substance and great meaning. Business should be the backbone of the newspaper. Instead of having a large number of general assignment reporters, she organized them around teams, many of which often develop "subject expertise" that "reflect[s] the interests of readers, not traditional newsroom boundaries. The newsroom celebrated The Oregonian's first Pulitzer in 42 years with champagne, McDonald's french fries and a brass band. The series also received the Overseas Press Club award for best business reporting from abroad, the Scripps Howard Foundation award for business reporting and the Blethen award for enterprise reporting. The editors of Columbia Journalism Review recognized The Oregonian as number twelve on its list of "America's Best Newspapers", and the best newspaper owned by the Newhouse family. The articles detailed "how fumbling efforts of official agencies failed to contain the far-reaching damage", according to the Pulitzer jury. That same year reporters Brent Walth [47] and Alex Pulaski [48] were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Writing for their series on political influences in pesticide regulation. The paper was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service , [49] for its "detailed and unflinching examination of systematic problems within the U. Immigration and Naturalization Service , including harsh treatment of foreign nationals and other widespread abuses, which prompted various reforms. Staff writer Tom Hallman Jr. In , music critic David Stabler was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Writing for "his sensitive, sometimes surprising chronicle of a teenage prodigy's struggle with a musical talent that proved to be both a gift and a problem". Michael Arrieta-Walden became public editor in ; when he ended his three-year term in the position, no successor was named. Sports columnist John Canzano was selected as the nation's No. Three Oregonian reporters— Jeff Kosseff , Bryan Denson , and Les Zaitz —were awarded the George Polk Award for national reporting , for their series about the failure of a decades-old, multibillion-dollar, federal program established by the Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act intended to help people with severe disabilities find employment. Instead it "awarded executives handsomely but left disabled workers in segregated jobs often paying less than minimum wage. Inara Verzemnieks was nominated for the Pulitzer for Feature Writing for "her witty and perceptive portfolio of features on an array of everyday topics", according to the Pulitzer judges. The trade journal noted that since Rowe and Bhatia arrived in , the paper and its journalists had won five Pulitzer Prizes and been finalists another nine times. Oppel , the editor of the Austin American-Statesman called the paper "one of the finest newspapers in the country, easily in the top Jaquiss thinks The Oregonian's failure to follow up on leads that both he and Oregonian reporters had received was a case of "one-newspaper towns being a little too cozy with local power brokers. Christian Anderson III was named as the new publisher in October, [69] and began work in the position at the beginning of November Christian Anderson announced the paper was restructuring and that beginning October 1, the Oregonian Publishing Company would be dissolved. Ownership remained with Advance Publications. Though the paper would be printed seven days a week, home delivery would be cut to four days a week: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Reporter Les Zaitz was named as a finalist for Explanatory Reporting for his work on Mexican drug cartels. In July , it was announced that Mark Katches had been hired as the paper's editor, and would also be the Oregonian Media Group's vice president of content. Broadway that it had occupied since to a smaller space elsewhere in downtown. This decision was criticized by some readers, who wondered why the board would offer endorsements in state elections without also taking a position on the presidential race. The board justified its decision by citing the paper's general focus on local issues, writing "Our goal as an editorial board is to have an impact in our community. And we don't think an endorsement for president would move the needle. So that's why we focus our endorsement energy where voters may not have made up their minds and need help with the decision. Christian sensitive couples sex stories

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  4. She had her head tilted back, her chest thrusting out those gorgeous tits. Join them for an honest discussion of the particular challenges and fears--and unexpected joys--that come along this journey. The trade journal noted that since Rowe and Bhatia arrived in , the paper and its journalists had won five Pulitzer Prizes and been finalists another nine times.

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