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Invisible Anguish (2017) - Cine Gay Themed Hindi Short Film on Father and Son relations

That's why two best buds make a dare to fuck each other's dad. TitanMen's legendary superstar David Anthony returns to take control of the situation in Like Father Like Son, a generation gap scorcher where boundaries are quickly crossed. As they take turns sucking each other's big jock cocks, toned Caleb King and tan Luke Adams are interrupted by Luke's dad Casey Williams. They zip up and head out for practice, but Caleb's dad David Anthony shows up with his son's bag. Left alone in the kitchen, the two dads give in to their urges. David's salt-and-pepper beard and mustache are wrapped about Casey's thick shaft, the sucker's nose hitting the muscle dad's pubes. Casey snaps his cock up in David's face, the sucker stroking his huge meat as he milks and gulps Casey's veiny shaft. The two kiss as their cocks slam against each other in hot swordplay, Casey soon on his knees as he tries his best to swallow David's beast. Meanwhile outside, Luke and Caleb stroke their big boners side by side as they watch and listen to the action. Casey takes it on his back as David's abs, chest and shoulder muscles tighten as he fucks him - the four studs soon firing their big, creamy loads. After making a dare to fuck each other's dads, Caleb shows up unannounced at his bud's home, surprising Casey. In the bedroom, Caleb returns the favor. They switch positions, Casey's pecs shaking as he gets plowed on his back. As he showers outside, David spots his son's best friend Luke watching him "Wow, you're even bigger than Caleb! They kiss, cocks rubbing each other, as David guides him down: Luke engulfs it "Good boy," compliments David , soon gasping for air. David gets his dick worshipped again, Luke grabbing hold of his legs for support. David kisses him, their foreheads touching before the alpha grips his own balls and feeds them to Luke. David sucks him back, then heads to the bedroom to warm up the boy's ass. David gets it nice and wet, sniffing it as he eats "Fuck that's so sweet! Luke buries his face in the sheets, gasping "Your dick is so big! Luke gets on his back, moaning "Fuck yeah, daddy!

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