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April 5, at In fact, that entire part of the town was full of war-time crooks of every crime, who got away with it because all the younger men were being drafted into military for WWII. We can blame all of those war industries for that kind of destabilization of every nation in the world, especially here in the USA. So, if we don't keep our attentions on criminals all around us, we could all end up living next door to slave owners who keep the palms of politicians well covered with money delivered by organized crime. August 8, at I was brought from India to Houston, Texas in I was a child slave in India and I was brought by her as a slave in America. The woman brought me to take care her two young children as I was still a child myself. This happened to me over 25 years ago. My biggest question is do I have a right to report what she did to me? To this day I still don't have my family and I have no clue who I come from. She still lives in Texas and is a criminal defense attorney. What should I do? September 9, at Human trafficking has been ignored for far too long. Most americans are completely oblivious to its existence, and it can't be allowed to stay that way. April 7, at 8: Those who don't have LESS of a problem. Of course those are called "Gateway" countries. The "Victims" all are Poor families in mostly poor 3rd world countries. Oh these countries also are countries where cops can be bought off by pimps. Decriminalize the sex trade. Stop forcing the poor into poverty. June 27, at 8: She is my mother who brought me into this world. I am honored to share a story about a very powerful and brave woman who is willingly going to describe the horrific experiences that she has not only experienced but endured. I write this story because she has a powerful story that shows the human strength in overcoming tragedy, and it exposes a very real part of our globalized world that is very rarely talked about. Many of us are oblivious to the fact that people have experienced this sort of misfortune. I can also imagine that this is a hard story to tell because it makes my mother relive those moments. The listeners respond to the different parts of her journey by feeling horror, anger and shock but also an unexplainable joyfulness at the end. September 21, at My daughter sold by Che Young an, at the hospital body parts. Please kill Che Young an devils baster-nom. He stoled my job, too. September 7, at 5: My daughter have little new born baby to feed. Che Young an, crazy farm-nom, sold my daughter to hospital for the body parts. My daughter is American. Get Che Young an, dirty baster-nom. If there is any way i a nigerian can be of help to stop this inhuman act,do not hesited to let me know. March 16, at Why am I skeptical? Because every time anyone who isn't an biased activist actually examines the data, the data are found to be lacking. See the following article from The Washington Post: It is underground organized crime. The reason data is lacking pertains to legal loopholes that have not been worked out yet: If authorities refer to an internationally sexually trafficked women a "prostitute" she psychologically clams up out of fear of authorities which may be dangerous in her country of origin and misinterpretation of her circumstance she is accused of prostitution. If she will not cooperate with authorities in the prosecution of her trafficker, or is afraid to, she is deported. All of these circumstances skew statistics. Law enforcement needs better training to identify trafficked victims and victims need at least a month to receive medical treatment and legal counsel before deportation becomes imminent. Better results will be guaranteed if these two things are addressed. The men are never paid. Construction companies, restaurants and other businesses have been reported doing so. Americans make a mockery out of our immigration law when they break it and use people in this way. When Americans are prosecuted for this behavior it will stop and statistics will change. If she speaks no English, chances are she has been trafficked. And even if she does speak English she may have been traficked. But do these men care? A "John" would be the first to know if he's encountered a trafficked victim, but he clearly has no conscience over the matter. It's an ugly, disgusting reason more women aren't rescued and better statistics don't exist. These are only three examples, but there are many more that skew statistics. This is one of the hardest crimes to statistically verify. Also, keep in mind that another solution is murder. Women who are sexually trafficked are murdered and disposed of, and how do we track that? A lot of fluff. I'm sure there's something happens in India and Cambodia Well I'll be happy if this project will be able to get to the bottom of it. March 17, at 5: The only solution "slavery fighters" often have for the victims is to bring them back to their country of origin March 17, at 6: I know of a case within my own hometown where police would not view a girl as being subject to human trafficking, but found her to be a 'runaway'. She was between her grade 7 and grade 8 year in school, and a man had bought her clothing, purses etc, romancing her until he could get drugs into her. Then he brought her into the sex trade and profited off of her. This was a girl who was a straight A student, was only around 13 years old, lived in an affluent part of my city, and within 3 months was addicted to drugs and working in the sex trade. The police refused to see her as a victim, because without the lenses of 'human trafficking', she was just a runaway who should be better disciplined for her actions. I'm not using this as a blanket piece of evidence that can transcend all issues of human trafficking. I just want to bring up another problem, that it can sometimes be a matter of perception, and how we view situations. But with a lenses of human trafficking over your eyes, you could give possibility to the idea that it wasn't voluntary. Maybe it could be! But you can't know until you entertain both possibilities. I think police need to be trained in identifying the possibility of human trafficking so we can better discern. March 22, at 2: This is Exactly what they want. I believe it starts with having sympathy and education with general public. Women need to become sympathetic with raped prostitutes or any one in the sex industry. Because face it, no woman in her sane mind would rather be forced or chemically controlled to be sexually exploited. If you can't financially take care of these women forever, Do not use their services. If you are not going to be responsible for some woman for her entire life, you are better off donating some money to her and leave her alone! August 13, at 7: It is hard to catch them doing and it is even harder to to get a victim to admit to what has been happening to them. The lack of proof odes not mean that it is not going or that it should not be talked about. You can have all the doubt you want it is going on and we need to help protect our daughters, mothers, cousins, friends and family and most of all the next generation to come. They need to know that it is not normal nor is it acceptable. April 11, at 7: May be you don't think slavery is a problem at all, and you are practicing it so that you want to down play the problem? Or you think this is only a human disaster, and is none of your business? April 19, at Remember the 3 monkeys? Hear no evil, see no evil, pretend mightily that there IS no Evil in you neighborhood or anywhere else.

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