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Sigmund Freud and Anal Sex, Electra and Oedipul Complexes - Dr. Ruth interviews Freud

Psychology of anal sex

No one — except the old, the sick, the handicapped — has ever been exempt from leading a productive life. In primitive societies, the good man hunted for the sustenance of the entire tribe and the good woman bore and reared children to ensure the survival of their kind. In modern culture, the roles have changed in superficial ways, but until recently have remained essentially the same. Good citizens led productive lives and brought children into the world to replenish the community with virtue. Thieves and embezzlers were worse because they actively preyed on those who were honest and diligent. Rakes and homosexuals were sexually selfish and irresponsible, not only because they were self-indulgent, but also because they saw sexuality as divorced from the responsibilities of parenthood. Quite apart from Biblical injunctions, homosexuals have been considered non-productive and hence inimical to the well-being and even the survival of the community. In addition, they have been regarded as dangerous, because they preyed on the young and perverted them from normal, healthy, productive lives. In their selfish preoccupation with genital pleasure, they sought to rebel against the natural order of human life itself — the mutual responsibility of one for all that forms the basis of the social contract. Now that many in our society have cast aside these ancient norms, we see the old warnings coming true. Social-Psychiatric Theory Traditional social-psychiatric theory argues that productive people will enjoy life, feel good about themselves, earn the respect of friends and co-workers, and feel connected with their families and society. The non-productive will also have personalities shaped by their character and experience, namely, their worthless or counter-productive activities and life choices. They are expected to feel dissatisfied with life and themselves, be stung from social scorn, and seek excessive distraction through amusements, risk-taking, drugs, sex, etc. They will feel angry at and at odds with their family and society, even while blaming them for their problems. In reaction, traditional theory holds that rebels will mock those who are productive, even as they envy and resent them. Besides the preoccupation by homosexuals with sex, traditionalist psychiatrists have catalogued a higher incidence of personality characteristics suggesting psychological disturbance and an inability to interact successfully with others. Edmond Bergler 1 , who treated over a thousand homosexuals, concluded that gays tended to: The Psychological Question Are homosexuals troubled today because society unreasonably discriminates against them or are they more frequently pathological and distressed due to a psychology shaped by their choices and experience? Furthermore, discrimination against those with homosexual inclinations, like discrimination against the able-bodied who refuse to work, is both necessary for the greater good of society and the individual himself. In fact, such discrimination is an attempt to prevent persons tempted by homosexuality from suffering the pathologies it induces. The Reverse Socialization of Homosexuality Becoming a homosexual involves a tremendous amount of reverse socialization. Almost every child is taught to avoid feces. Yet most homosexuals eventually learn to immerse themselves in feces. Past surveys suggest the following typical sequential development of gay activity. The median age for gays when their genitals are first manipulated by another male is This conclusion is strongly supported by the data. These findings support a previously observed, inverse relationship between psychosocial problems and the age of acquiring a homosexual identity. All generated results suggesting greater social disruption by gays. In the Kinsey survey, general prison inmates excluding those incarcerated for sexual offenses were over 4 times more apt to have extensive homosexual experience than his control group. Bell and Weinberg 9 contrasted gays with heterosexuals and found more instability psychiatric, marital and more criminality among gays. Cameron and Ross 10 questionnaired 2, randomly-obtained respondents and reported that heterosexuals evidenced more social cohesion numbers and kinds of intimate relationships , less self-destructive behavior smoking, drug use, suicide attempts , and less endangerment of others via driving habits, deliberate killing. The largest comparison of gays and straights on a wide range of topics and based on a random sample involved 4, adults in 5 U. These results echo the largest comparative study of straight and gay couples, which reported that the average length of time together averaged about 3 years for gay and lesbian couples vs. A national survey of 5, adults 14 analyzed the gender, age, and kinds of people nominated as being intimately related to the respondent. Homosexuals more narrowly focused their affections and interests on those of their own age and sex; they tended to be, like adolescents, peer oriented. People have to learn to care for and care about those who are different than themselves. Homosexuals fail to display the kind of connectedness between sexes, generations, and social classes that leads to social harmony. Does Societal Acceptance Make a Difference? San Francisco decriminalized and then accepted homosexuality. Lifting the restraints upon homosexual activity appears to have increased the exposure to biological danger among those with homosexual desires. The limited evidence available suggests that where social and legal acceptance has been implemented, the problems associated with homosexuality have increased rather than dissipated. Impermanency The gay lifestyle is strikingly impermanent. Homosexuals are acutely aware that while their sexual desires will continue, few will be sexually interested in them after their 30th birthday. Good health is frequently interrupted by bouts with alcoholism and STDs — and because their lifespan is so short the median age of death for gays and lesbians is probably 15 to 20 years younger than that for married heterosexuals , associates frequently die. Unlike the relatively permanent satisfactions and attachments of traditional marriage and parenthood, those associated with homosexuality are fleeting. It is far from surprising that half of gays expressed regret about their homosexuality 19 or that four times as many would advise adolescents who were just beginning homosexual activity to stop rather than continue. Although held captive by sexual addiction rather than brick and bars, homosexuals exhibit many of the same psychological traits as those imprisoned in death camps. The pathologies of homosexuals fit the traditional social-psychiatric view: Cameron P, et al Effect of homosexuality on public health and social order. Cameron P, et al Sexual orientation and sexually transmitted disease. Nebraska Medical Journal Cameron P, et al Homosexuals in the armed forces. American J of Public Health J Psychology and Theology 9: Psychology of anal sex

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  1. But the greater the difficulty encountered at any particular point, the greater the need for troops to remain behind to fight and thus the fewer that will be able to go on to the next confrontation. Freud said oral stimulation could lead to an oral fixation in later life. Carpenter stated that this view "dates to the late s, with explicit 'rules' appearing around the turn of the twentieth century, as in marriage manuals defining petting as 'literally every caress known to married couples but does not include complete sexual intercourse.

  2. The biopsychosocial model is an integrated perspective toward understanding consciousness, behavior, and social interaction. The little boy then sets out to resolve this problem by imitating, copying and joining in masculine dad-type behaviors.

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