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Sex strip poker video girl

Group Sex Lesson Learned: Strip Poker Lesson Learned: She was overworked, under-paid, and enough of a pushover to give her class a chance to retry their midterms. It was midnight and she was still grading tests alone in her office. She remembered having some trouble in statistics when she took it, but she didn't remember half the class failing! It wasn't as if she had anything better to do though. She had always been a genius when it came to statistics and probability; and she was right now waiting for one of her papers to published. Professionally, she really had everything figured out. It was her personal life that suffered. She had dedicated so much of herself to her work that she hadn't been on a date since she herself was in college. But men were dumb. She couldn't tolerate them. For years she surpassed her peers and found them less and less interesting. Even her co-workers lacked passion in their craft. Some were attractive, and many had told her they had feelings for her, but she could not return their advances. She sighed, realizing she was too distracted to continue, and made her way to the restroom just to find an excuse to get up and pace. Her heels clicked on the tile floor as she stood in front of the mirror. She was shorter than average, which turned meager assets much larger. Her hips were wide and ready for childbirth, her raven black hair was even and chin height. Her glasses shielded piercing blue eyes. She pouted and turned to her side. She worked out and ate well in a vain hope that someone worth her time would come to her some day. How come no one seemed right to her? She was horny, and lonely, but she wasn't going to settle for anything less that what she deserved. She heard chuckling and held her breath. Was someone else in the building? She took a deep breath to calm herself down before going to investigate. She liked to work alone. She lightly clacked her heels on the steps as the voices grew louder. It was a group of Semi-drunk students. She should have known. She rolled her eyes and stomped towards the classroom they were inhabiting. How long had they been in there? She stormed in, "Who is in here? There were two men and two women. All four were her students. They were all in various states of dress. They were playing cards around a table covered in chips and bottles. One of the women was dressed in nothing but a G-string thong. Her large breasts were covered by a car each and bounced as she turned. She was blonde and tan and shocked to see the teacher, "P-Professor Murphy! That was the principles daughter. Things had gotten more complicated. She looked to the other students. She was smaller, thinner, and more petite. She was surprised at those two, but the men she recognized. Tim was always the ringleader of trouble with his big, dumb, square body. Drake laughed at his jokes and covered for him, he was the tall, skinny, nerdy type who'd be successful if not for his choice of friends. Tim was missing a shirt, the other a pair of pants. Clothes of all sorts littered the floor. She scowled at him. She looked to Sadie with apprehension before saying, "Get your clothes on and go home before I call security. Drake was the closest thing to a good student she had, and here he was taking the other side. She remembered Drake coming to her for help before. He was honest and respectful, not like this at all. I'm all out of patience. Murphy began to relax. If he wanted to play dirty, "How about this. I'll play a hand of five card draw. If I win, you have to run all the way back home naked. She was as dumb as blondes could be, but she knew how to play people. She also had it out for Murphy and had complained to her father about the class being too hard several times. Murphy was surprised she took her side here. Fifty two cards, five cards each. She knew all the chances. She refused to sit, instead she waited for Jenny to deal. She looked at her hand and saw a pair of aces. It was more than likely she would win. Tim stayed with his hand as well. They revealed the cards. Tim had two pair. She was a follower, and a slave to peer pressure. Murphy could tell she just wanted everyone to calm down and stay friends. She looked at her watch. Sure, she had time. If it meant teaching these kids a lesson. Besides, that hand of cards had been fun. You don't have to pay for your chips until you lose them. Tim had no idea what he was getting into. She accepted the chips and was dealt her first hand of cards. Bad luck on the first hand. She lost the ante, but got out quickly enough. Second round was the same. On the third she had pocket aces, but the flop didn't give her anything new. Risky gamble, but it paid off. She got another twenty chips back, bringing her to She had lost all her chips. She peeled her shirt off and undid her bra, covering herself with one arm. She still had her jeans on. This was fun, and she was winning. Something about stripping down these prideful students gave her a thrill of a lifetime. The next hand was not her best. She lost five chips. Then came a clash. Drake bid large, but Murphy had a possible strait. She followed, but the strait didn't pan out. She was down to She kicked off her shoes with a sneer. Just a spot of bad luck. Sex strip poker video girl

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  1. She was supposed to be the predator! She could see it now, especially clad in nothing but her panties. It wasn't as if she had anything better to do though.

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