Sex truth and dare. Truth or dare.

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Sex truth and dare

I am a very shy girl. And I work as a secretary for very hot businessman. You can ask me, why I work for him? If you hired me, everything will be perfect. And my boss likes when everything is perfect. But today everything was different. It was almost the end of the day, and he asked me to prepare few papers for him. I walked in and regret it the same second. He had no tie and his shirt was half opened. But, apparently he had something different in his mind. Yes, indeed, lovely evening. Here all the papers. I will see you on Monday. Have a great the rest of your day. I need to have small talk with you. Because, of the obvious reason. Man is just too hot for me. I sat in front of him and gave a quick look. And I already apologize for it. Here, have some hot tea and cookies. I know you hungry. I wanted to reject the food, but was too scared my empty stomach will reveal me. Cookies were amazing, and hot tea was just right temperature. And I wanna small favor from you today. Can you help me? And what kind of favor? Do you know about this game? In college I saw people playing this game. Always wanted to try, but were too shy. I was not afraid of him anymore. I was so relaxed, and not as shy, as before. Maybe it was some kind of relaxing tea? Man was watching her very carefully. He had plan, and he followed that plan. For a quite a long time he wanted to fuck her. New girl almost every day and he wanted to fuck his very shy secretary. He saw how shy she was. It was so cute. There were no need to give her hot looks. Girl would deep in her little sharp tongue, and gently draw circles around. He got hard immediately. That sexy picture was in his mind for the rest of the day. Originally, people would ask questions. In my version I already have ready questions. Oh my God, these cookies are so good. You have to give me recipe. He was very excited. Man gave her black box. She dug into it and got first question. Girl unrolled the paper and read the sentence. But, if I would feel something like that, I would like it. Usually she was very calm and shy about sex, but last fifteen minutes she got nice and warm feeling around her pussy. Her clit wanted attention, gently touching material of the panties. Not quite ready to show her how horny he was. Girl sipped tea one more time. Very sharp picture with cream and muffin still bugged him. He wanted to feel her lips on his cock so desperately. He could see her hard nipples through her soft bra. Usually I like it fast. If girl good at it, she can tease me. With you I want everything. I knew I want to go home, but I felt so wet. How it was even possible? I just needed to touch my clit very light, so I can reach orgasm. I never had thoughts like this before. I need bathroom and relief. Big, can I use your private bathroom very quick? It was so good. Tingling sensation on top of my clit drove me crazy. I lay on the warm rug for more support. I needed it so bad. Kept torturing my clit I put two fingers inside, and another orgasm found its way out. Five minutes after I was sitting in front of my boss again. Come and stand behind me. Open first drawer of my desk. Teasing sensation was there again. That bastard had little vibrator inside of his drawer. I imagined for half of second how it will affect my existing feelings. I had to cross my legs. Man kept playing with his cock. I had no choice. Slowly putting toy inside of me, I sat in front of him. Wanna keep you on the edge of pure pleasure. I was totally fine. He caught her on the half way and pushed to the door. She were dripping wet. Her clit was so big. It felt like soft candy in his mouth. She screamed, grabbing his head. His tongue played with it, gently flickering and teasing. Man wanted to play more, but his cock was too hard. Only when I covered it with my mouth, I realized how bad I wanted to give him best blowjob ever. He moved it in and out, and I sucked it when it moved out. I heard his moan every time I did it. I turned her around and just slid in inside. Dear God, she was so perfect. Her muscles were so firm, so gentle. I almost cum the same second. You are so big. Sex truth and dare

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  1. I wanted to reject the food, but was too scared my empty stomach will reveal me. I am a very shy girl. Dear God, she was so perfect.

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