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Welcome To The Jungle [Guns N' Roses] Drum Cover by A-YEON

Sex with a drummer

She has also toured extensively as a soloist. Edwina is known internationally. She has performed on Broadway, television, radio, and video. Her drumming spirit is an inspiration to all. Africa Mabiba Baegne is an internationally acclaimed teacher, drummer and choreographer of traditional and contemporary African Dance. Mabiba was born in Congo Brazzaville and initiated into dancing by her grandparents at the age of eight. Mabiba is an inspiring drummer. In addition to her Congolese dancing, Mabiba has studied West African dunun drumming with master drummer Famoudou Konate in Guinea and she was the first woman to teach this form in the United States. Mabiba is also an acclaimed singer and has toured and recorded with Salif Keita, master drummer Mamady Keita, and Samba Ngo. Multi-instrumentalist Annette Aguilar carved out a long and successful career with her ability to play a wide spectrum of musical styles, from Latin to jazz and classical to reggae. For more than two decades she has toured, recorded, composed, produced, and arranged. She first learned how to play the drums when she was 13 years old, and moved on to also play a wide variety of percussion instruments, including the marimba, the timpani, hand drums, and congas. She was born in Lima, Peru in a family of musicians where she began to play Cajon and other percussion instruments since she was just a child. The melodic threads of her musicianship transcend borders and weave an international music fabric rooted in her loyal love for percussion, polyrhythm and for words and languages rhythmic concepts. Preserving her stylings, Christelle brings her musical colors to diverse projects. Of Reunion Island and French West Indies ancestry, Christelle Durandy combines colors of a rich tapestry of musical experiences as she began performing and touring at an early age with her family-based troupe in France. Under their guidance, she honed in on musical skills that she later developed during her apprenticeship in Europe, Cuba, and The U. Christelle has continually garnered critical praise for her passionate and fierce live performances, and has mesmerized audiences worldwide. RISE , which plays a critical role in addressing academic, cultural and health barriers for Native youth in an eight-county rural region of Northern California. She continues her studies, pursuing a degree in child development at Lassen Community College. Through a shamanic healing crisis, she opened psychically to the healing, art, yoga and divination processes that led to the creation of the Motherpeace tarot images. Elders and Visionaries Vicki has developed a powerful public ritual healing process, in which participants perform hands-on healing in the context of drumming and chanting. She teaches and lectures internationally, and has led tours of women on pilgrimage to sacred Goddess sites around the world. Since , much of her time has been spent teaching regularly in Italy, where most of her books have been published in Italian and she has developed a following of women who study and practice her adapted Tibetan Buddist Dakini practices. Vicki is a professional astrologer with a focus on Goddess archetypes and healing for individuals or couples. In her readings on phone, Skype, or in person she utilizes natal, transit, and progressed charts. As a mentor to women, Vicki facilitates private tutorials in Santa Cruz, California, for those interested in teachings and practices of Goddess spirituality, Motherpeace Certification, Matriarchal Studies, and Female Empowerment. Since , she has adapted and customized Tibetan Buddhist Dakini practices for her students of Goddess spirituality, who come for three to five days of intensive one-on-one learning. Vicki lives in Santa Cruz near her daughters Robyn and Brooke and son Aaron the subject of her book, Down is Up for Aaron Eagle , plus three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Butler is an inspirational facilitator, trainer, lecturer and Jefferson Award recipient. Her work emerges from years of self-exploration and her commitment to social justice. Butler invites her audience to grapple with both the intellectual and emotional complexities of race. She is also a tap dancer and personal trainer. She teaches both children and adults in an effort to pass on the knowledge of the evolution of Jamaican music. Together with a group of educators we hold and teach the history of the traditional Jamaican folk forms. She will conduct classes at the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music and pursue other opportunities to share Jamaican style. When Adwoa grew up in Ghana, drumming was considered a taboo for women. Adwoa has been able to break down these barriers and misconceptions surrounding women and drumming arts. Adwoa is very passionate about drumming and teaching and has traveled to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the U. Adwoa embraces everyone on different levels of drum experience. She loves to teach and believes drumming is healing and also brings us all together in love. Adwoa has also dedicated her life to helping orphaned young boys and girls by teaching and performing with them at birthday parties, weddings, graduations and many other community events. Her celebrated group, Nyame Tsease African Traditionals, travels both locally and abroad to teach and perform. To prove this she produced her first plant-based product, Rasa Body Balm, and shared it with family and friends. Creating that product launched her into her first home-based business and firmly on the path of herbal medicine making. Spiral Gardens grows a large variety of useful plants and teaches children and adults, about how to identify, grow, harvest, dry, prepare and use medicinal plants in urban soil. She believes Earth provides everything we need to live well and to heal. Her vision is to find us all connected with each other in service to Life and Earth who nourishes us all. Upon re-locating to the Bay Area in she worked for Teatro Campesino and La Pena Cultural Arts Center before making a shift to labor and community organizing in Denise has also more recently come under the mentorship and continues to learn from, Jesus Cepeda, El Tambor Mayor. In , she became a founding member and began performing with the Bay Area based Afro Puerto Rican ensemble Kacique y Kongo for which she was a principal singer and drummer, she later performed with Grupo Aguacero as a singer and drummer. In her role as one of only a couple of lead drummers Primo player in the tradition of Bomba both in PR and the Diaspora at the time, Denise was offered the opportunity in by La Pena Cultural center to produce and direct an event featuring Bomba performance which would highlight women for their Latino Festival in Together with other Bomberas that she invited to help her lead this endeavor, women from the Bay Area performed in the production, La Bomba es Nuestra, which brought together Bomberas from Puerto Rico and the Diaspora in April and was the catalyst for the inception of Las Bomberas de la Bahia. In July she was a participant and the Musical Director for Cimarronaje, a follow up performance of La Bomba es Nuestra and reunion of the Las Bomberas de la Bahia with counterpart female Bomba dancers and musicians from Puerto Rico and the Diaspora. Julia was born into the cradle of the Cepeda Family, a family of artisans, musicians, dancers, and composers. The Cepeda Family has devoted themselves to the preservation of Puerto Rican folklore for many years. Julia is part of the sixth generation of Bomba practitioners in her family. In , Julia was featured in the documentary El Patriarca The Patriarch , which told the history and significance of Puerto Rican folkloric culture. At that time, all of members of the Cepeda family were given a certificate of recognition by the, then, President Ronald Reagan. Since then, Julia Caridad has continued to nurture her position as a part of the Bomba tradition along with her family having taught dance classes, participating in collaborations and presenting publically with international artists including Paul Simon, Ricky Martin, Robby Dracco, Wilkins, Manny Manuel, among others. In , she was brought to New York to teach Bomba classes, demonstrating the various rhythms of Bomba. In , along with her family, she toured 25 U. S states presenting Bomba and Plena throughout. In , she was invited to participate in the Paso Negro Foundation performance, directed by Oxil Febles, and performed alongside a group of female performers who are dedicated to the folkloric traditions of Puerto Rico. During this Residency Jesus Cepeda and other members of the Familia Cepeda will be teaching workshops and hosting community Bombazos and performances in the SF Bay Area and collaborating with the students of Taller Bombalele specifically. Julia is a dedicated advocate of Puerto Rican culture and of the legacy of her Family. For that reason, she continues to share the traditions with new generations. She is also a poet and composer of Bomba music. Drumming has been her vehicle to engage with and build community. Her persistence, tenacity, and creativity gained her entry into the music community. Linda Thomas Jones is considered one of the founding mothers of female African drumming in the United States. She began her career in drumming at the age of 18 as a dance major at Case Western Reserve University. As a community art educator she is skilled in designing and producing community performances using African culture as an educational tool. Internationally she has planted other possibilities for growth in places such as Costa Rica. Over the course of ten albums, she has developed and explored recurring themes with a rare wisdom. She is the Founder and Principal Steward of the Earthlodge Center for Transformation Spiritual Center where women and queer communities heal themselves by doing ceremonies and rituals based in the nature of Mama Earth. She has been teaching dance classes as medicine, teaching yoga, writing poems, conducting rituals and fiercely advocating for the protection of all sacred wombs and the resurrection of the healing power of moontime menstrual blood for over 20 years. Learn more at about her work at: As a young girl growing up, she always knew what she wanted to do. Sena was always willing to learn, learning how to have fun drumming and dancing. Dancing has always been part of her life and she does it with enthusiasm and joy. Sena is an excellent teacher and her classes are always fun with lots of room for plenty of laughter! She founded the Integrative Health Program within Contra Costa County Health Services in , and under that umbrella, grew a large program of healing circles, known as Group Visits, in the clinics. They focus on building community, empowerment, health, respect and love — to support and inspire people to take precious care of themselves and others. She retired in , but continues to train a whole range of staff members in team facilitation of these circles. As a certified Breema Instructor since — she has led workshops in California and Oregon. I want to continue with my education and look forward to any drum circles that support the learning. Believe me…these are the times…and here we ARE! She will be co-teaching her workshop with Susu Pampanin. Amina has been dancing drumming for decades and is excited to join Susu, co-teaching the Middle Eastern Rhythm classes this year at Born to Drum Susu has explored and studied all types of percussion instruments and styles of music, and her incredible talent is especially evident in her work in Middle Eastern drumming. Susu is well known for her virtuosity in Arabic drumming and is one of the few female Middle Eastern. She also has a solo drum CD, Hands of Time. She has also performed in many off-broadway music theater productions and has also produced, written, and directed for several theater companies. Her latest album, Being In Love, was released in to critical acclaim. Amikaeyla is a dynamic performer with heart, soul, international appeal, and is sure to inspire. Afia has been a collaborative artist with many luminaries of our time. In and , Afia toured with the internationally acclaimed Les Amazones Women Master Drummers of Guinea as one of their lead soloists. Sex with a drummer

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  1. Suki has also been a dance accompanist and educator, and she is happiest when playing drums!

  2. She was born in Lima, Peru in a family of musicians where she began to play Cajon and other percussion instruments since she was just a child. She has been instrumental in bringing women to the spirit and healing of the Drum. Drumming has been her vehicle to engage with and build community.

  3. She has been teaching dance classes as medicine, teaching yoga, writing poems, conducting rituals and fiercely advocating for the protection of all sacred wombs and the resurrection of the healing power of moontime menstrual blood for over 20 years.

  4. Also during this interview, Animal revealed that he had been playing the drums for five years, which assuming a literal timeline would mean that he's been playing the drums since

  5. She teaches body percussion and drumming throughout the bay area, coaching people on how to tap into the power of drumming and rhythm as both a meditation and a healing tool, and performs regularly on dumbek, riqq, tar and djembe.

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