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55 Epic Finger Tattoos

Sexy finger tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos Rihanna Tattoo Count: Rihanna got her first tattoo when she was just a teenager, but the impressive collection of ink the singer has racked up in the years since puts plenty of other self-professed tattoo addicts to shame. Read more about the meaning and story behind her shark ankle tattoo… read more Read more about the meaning and story behind her ankle tattoo… read more Read more about the meaning and story behind her large cross wrist tattoo… read more Read more about the meaning and story behind her Henna style hand tattoo… read more Read more about the meaning and story behind her tribal Maori hand tattoo… read more The Egyptian goddess was an iconic vision of true beauty in the ancient world, much like Rihanna is today. Queen Nefertiti, however, was also well known for her bust size, not too sure if Rihanna is going to achieve historical status in that area, but a true beauty non the less. Read more about the meaning and story behind her goddess Isis tattoo… read more Rihanna got a new tattoo, which the pop superstar debuted for fans on June 16, via Twitter. Rihannas new tattoo is inked on the inside of her right ankle and features a pretty mean looking Egyptian falcon that appears to be in the shape of a handgun. Some people claim, at least, that the Rihanna falcon tattoo is supposed to be a gun. Other people think Rihannas tattoo was inspired by a 2,year-old artifact housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, which appears to be the case since the new Rihanna tattoo is nearly an exact replica. What do you think of Rihannas new tattoo? Read more about the meaning and story behind her falcon tattoo… read more Click to Show Rihanna's Older Tats Check out pics of the Rihanna butt tattoo in our news section from earlier speculation pieces before we could really get a good look at the tat. We think you will be surprised! Read more about the meaning and story behind her Tibetan tattoo… read more Rihanna got a new tattoo, this time celebrating her religious beliefs…but probably not in the way you would expect. According to some, the new Rihanna cross tattoo features a symbol commonly used by the Freemasons and represents her godlessness. Read more about the meaning and story behind her cross tattoo… read more Rihanna is really letting out her gansta side with this gang-style knuckle tat, definitely the most ghetto of all Rihanna tattoos. Read more about the meaning and story behind her Thug Life tattoo… read more Some say that the words should be reversed to translate correctly and be grammatically correct, as the phrase would be used in a sentence. The rebelle fleur tattoo does in fact correctly translate if one is just trying to say rebellious flower. This tat was done in December of and is written in backwards cursive writing to remind her every time she looks in the mirror. Rihanna explains that this has always been a motto in life for her, not to treat events as mistakes but as lessons to be learned. Read more about the meaning and story behind her chest quote tattoo… read more This tat was a bit controversial since it was done in the midst of her abuse rumors while with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna has also been seen sporting a little gun necklace as well. Read more about the meaning and story behind her gun tattoo… read more It runs from her wrist, past her thumb, and towards her right index finger. This exotic Maori-inspired hand tat represents strength and love and was done in the traditional New Zealand style on tattooing, using uhi, or chisels to add inked grooves into the skin rather than piercing it with needles and ink. This makes the skin a bit raised and rough rather than a smooth surface. This intricate tribal Rihanna tattoo probably hurt really, really bad. Read more about the meaning and story behind her hand tattoo… read more Nope, her BFF Melissa. Talk about a close friendship. Read more about the meaning and story behind her Roman numeral tattoo… read more 9. It was done in June of , shortly after the other finger tattoo was inked. How awesome is that?! Read more about the meaning and story behind her Shhh… tattoo… read more 8. Its not too fancy, but with a simple yet sophisticated italic font. The Love finger tattoo was done in by one of her regular tat artists. The meaning of this finger tattoo is kind of a mystery, but I have my ideas. First, it would be way cool to flip somebody the bird and turn your finger to show some love. Second, giving the peace sign while showing the love could be the inspiration behind this Rihanna tattoo. Why not give peace AND love? Read more about the meaning and story behind her stars tattoo… read more 7. It was done during her Miami stay in The red or pink bow on top of the cartoonish and rudimentary skull and cross bones really makes this adorable tat stand out, even though it is fairly small in size. Is it a feminine skull, girly skull, or cute skull? Read more about the meaning and story behind her skull tattoo… read more 6. These stars were started in Los Angeles. Later, tattoo artist Bang Bang added a trail of more stars, adding larger black stars and more of a variety of sizes. Read more about the meaning and story behind her stars tattoo… read more 5. Being one of her more concealed tats, the Arabic phrase must hold deep meaning to Rihanna, as it is not easily viewed by the public. The only way you are seeing this tat is if you are hanging out with Rihanna poolside or hooking up with her. Pretty much anyone reading this would be glad to do both. Read more about the meaning and story behind her Arabic tattoo… read more 4. It is a unique, simple, tasteful, outline of star that is nestled in the top part of her ear. Rihanna got this tat in the Village of NYC, apparently she just stopped in the parlor and wanted a tat. Probably the most painful of all Rihanna Tattoos. But it sure looks pretty sweet all tucked up in there! Read more about the meaning and story behind her stars tattoo… read more 3. The translation of her tattoo actually reads: However, take a look at the photo of the artist who gave Rihanna this ancient sanskrit tat and say if you would trust him to get the text correct in such a tattoo. Read more about the meaning and story behind her Sanskrit tattoo… read more 2. Her birthday is on February 20, putting her in the sign of Pisces. This tattoo was actually done by a famous Brazilian artist who was in Tokyo at the same time as Rihanna in or around Lucky for her, because the tattoo artist who made this usually books three years in advance! Read more about the meaning and story behind her Pisces sign tattoo… read more 1. This tat was done around and appears to be her first. Of course, her love and dedication to music was the influence for this first tat. The treble clef staff is the first image tattoos on her ankle, and it is followed by a sixteenth note that is not filled in. Over the years though, Rihanna has become more comfortable getting larger statement tattoos, like the bold henna-style ink she sports on her hand, and the ornate cross tattoo she has inked on the inside of her wrist and arm. And we have to stay, we kind of love it! Sexy finger tattoos

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  1. The tattoo is a tribute to her friend Vanessa who died of the lung disease cystic fibrosis in and her grandfathers who both died of lung cancer. Miley is a Christian and often mentions her belief in God.

  2. He gave Miley an outline of a crescent moon on her left elbow, then Miley took hold of the tattoo gun and gave Bang Bang a replica of the design on his thumb.

  3. Originally posted by Anneroos Tijms Originally posted by Kajal Risbud Birds are nice, but flowers are also a brilliant idea that will go along with your carpe diem. Crossed Arrows elbow tattoos arrow tattoos friendship tattoos Miley Cyrus has a pair of crossed arrows on the back of her right elbow, which are a Native American symbol of friendship.

  4. Originally posted by Sarah Oliver Nape tattoos are popular. For many couples, a shared faith or religion is the tie that truly binds them together for life.

  5. Read more about the meaning and story behind her gun tattoo… read more You used to be a Christian girl!

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