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5 Weird Cases of Pregnancy You'll Never Believe

Submited sex stories

I was well into puberty and I had been masturbating for about 2 years. My mom was not very good at closing her bedroom door so there were many times when I would see her dressing or undressing or she would be getting out of the shower and she'd be drying her hair and her body. Of course at 14 years old I would get very aroused watching her, especially since she was so hot. She was rather petite, about the same height as me. She had big breasts. I didn't know what size they were but they seem to defy gravity. She definitely had a nice figure for a woman of 39 years old. So most of the time when I would see her there dressing, or undressing, or drying herself off, I would close her door to a crack so she wouldn't see me, and I would peak through it and masturbate. Sometimes I think she knew I was there but she never said anything. One day she came home from work and she was wearing a plaid button down top which was pink and white. She had it tied. Her jean shorts were very tight and fringed at the bottom. Through her belt loops was a wide, shiny, pink belt. On her feet were some calf high shiny pink boots with high heels. Her fingernails were also painted shiny pink. She looked very sexy. My cock got instantly hard in my shorts when I saw her. I couldn't help it. I had no control. I swear she looked directly at it for a second, and then she looked up at me and smiled. I'm going up to my room to change into my bathing suit, and then I'm going to go out back and work on my tan. Want to join me? After Mom went upstairs, and I heard her door creek, I went up to see what I could see. Her door was already open only a crack so I peeked in through the crack, and waited for her to come into view. She walked out of her bathroom, unbuttoning her top. She left her top on once it was unbuttoned. She then turned the chair around that she sat in to put her makeup on so that it was facing the bedroom door, and me. I pulled my cock out and started to stroke it. Mom unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, and pushed them down her legs, slipping them over her boots. She was not wearing any panties. She then pulled something out of a drawer that I had not seen before. It looked like a rubber penis. Of course I know it now to be a dildo, but back then I had never seen one before. It was fairly long and wide, and had a suction cup at the bottom. Mom started to rub it up and down her pussy lips, and I thought I was going to pass out. This was going way beyond anything I'd seen her do before. I know you watch me. I hope you are watching me now. It really turns me on when I think about what you are doing when you watch me. Are you stroking your cock? I've watched you stroke it before. I've peeked in on you too, and you have a nice big cock for such a young boy. I play with myself while I watch you make yourself cum. Are you playing with yourself now? The she slowly lowered herself onto the dildo, guiding all the way inside her pussy until she was straddling the chair and I could see her pussy lips spread very wide around the base of the fake cock. Mommy was looking right at the crack in the door. And she started to make little noises as she rocked back and forth on the chair. God I hope you're watching me and stroking your cock. That meaty 14 year old cock. I bet you can cum over and over again, can't you? Oh God this is so hot! My stroking got faster and faster. Soon I was close to the edge. This was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. Mommy's gonna cum really soon. Cum with mommy baby. Cum all over mommy's door. That way I'll know you were watching me. Ah ah ah ooooohhhhhhhhhhh! I started to cum too, but I put my cock back in my pants. I didn't want her to know I was there. I quietly ran downstairs and went outside to wait for Mom out back. I lied down on a lounge chair in the hot sun, thinking about what I just witnessed. Being a 14 year old boy, my libido was strong, and my cock immediately began to grow hard again. I started to stroke it again, thinking about the scene upstairs. I was spreading the cum that was all over my pants and cock, on my hands and belly. I took some of it and started to rub it on my nipples gently. I discovered a few months ago that it felt very good to touch and rub my nipples. Finally, Mommy walked out, and I stopped what I was doing, but by that time I was sticky all over with my own cum. I wasn't sure if she could tell, but I'm absolutely sure she could see the gigantic tent in my pants caused by my raging hard on. Really nice day out here huh? Hey are you wearing any oil? You are going to get burned honey. Let me put some oil on you. She started rubbing oil on my arms, and then moved to my chest. When her pink fingernails scratched my nipples I twitched. Do you have sensitive nipples like mommy? I kept twitching, and I started breathing hard, and my hips started to move up and down involuntarily. You sure are fun! It's natural for a 14 year old boy to get an erection when someone is touching him like this. And quite the erection you have too! Then she started rubbing the oil on my thighs. Her fingers moved up, into the legs of my shorts. I wasn't wearing any underwear. She was barely brushing my balls with the long, ping fingernails. My cock was so hard, and was pulsating. I thought I was going to cum right there. Then mom suddenly stopped rubbing me and stood up in front of me. She was wearing the same outfit she was wearing before, except her top wasn't tied at the bottom, and she wasn't wearing her boots. She slowly started to unbutton her pink and white checkered top, revealing a shiny, hot pink bikini top underneath. She let her top drop to the ground. The she unbuckled her hot pink, shiny belt, and unbuttoned her jean shorts, and pushed them down her thighs, letting them drop to the floor. Her bikini bottom was also hot pink. She was staring at me the whole time. She grabbed the oil, and started rubbing on her chest, getting under her top, on her breasts. Then she rubbed it on her belly, and then her arms. Finally she rubbed it on the front of her legs. I rubbed it into her calves, and started to rub it into the back of her thighs. She said, pointing to her calves. Submited sex stories

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  1. She got down on the floor on her back, and lifted her legs up above her and spread them. She was not wearing any panties. And I started to rub the oil underneath her suit, on her bare ass, and down very close to her private parts.

  2. Want to join me? She slowly started to unbutton her pink and white checkered top, revealing a shiny, hot pink bikini top underneath.

  3. Do you have sensitive nipples like mommy? You actually look kind of hot. I ran my hands across the belt.

  4. I rubbed it into her calves, and started to rub it into the back of her thighs. I left my now fully hard cock stick out of the fly hole, buttoning the buttons so that my cock was being squeezed.

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