What is mind blowing sex. How To Sexually Satisfy Any Woman Tonight.

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How to Use Meditation for Mind Blowing Sex

What is mind blowing sex

We had been out for a night out with work colleagues and had got drunk. Sophie had invited me back for coffee. We had done this before and just talked endlessly into the night about everything from politics to musical taste and occasionally sex. Nothing more had ever happened. We were both married and it was just fun and company between two good friends. I really did fancy her though and she has beautiful feet. High arches, long toes particularly her second toe which was actually longer than her big toe. Being a man with a foot fetish he noticed these things! Being a man with a foot fetish was my reason for living. Sophie didn't paint her nails but instead went for a French pedicure which I loved. Clear nails then the white tips, divine! Her feet were accentuated by her high heeled mules. I adore shoes like this particularly when she walked, the sole flicking her heel, making the quiet swishing sound I heard so often at work. Just the sound was enough to give me an erection but added to the glimpse of her soles they gave or even better when she dangled them from her toes then flicked them back up to slap her heel drove me insane. All these thoughts crossed my mind as I sat on her sofa. I was in a dream world in my own fantasy desiring to worship Sophie's feet. Then a voice broken into his dream. I was speechless, I wasn't usual caught out but this time I had been taken completely unawares. Before I could formulate an excuse in my befuddled mind she asked another question. I tried to formulate a response but it just came out in an unintelligible sound. You're very good at hiding it but you linger just a little too long and you always look at the floor when you speak to a woman. Don't worry only a woman with a thing for her feet being worshipped would notice. My cock was as stiff a board in my pants. I expected both of us to get naked. I was naked lying on my back looking up at her sat on the couch. What a also as she leaned over I could view her magnificent breasts which formed a deep cleavage which could drown me. My dick was at full attention. They were battered and I could see her ingrained toe imprints on them. I could detect a sweet odour from the shoe and her now stocking foot. The intoxicating had begun! She didn't mess around. She rolled the stocking down to her foot in a sexy slow way just like Sophia Loren did in that film in the 60s! I was sure that film was where my fetish had begun, that scene. When it reached her foot she popped if off her toes and mirroring the film threw it to me. I need no invitation I picked up the discarded nylon and put it to my nose and mouth. It was ripe a gorgeous stinky mix of sweat and dirty soles. A deep sweet and sour smell and a taste to match. My dick ached and I reached to stroke it whilst I sniffed and licked her nylon. With that she cupped my balls with her toes. I gasped with amazement as she expertly kneaded my swollen testicles. She continued for a while but then suddenly changed her attack. It felt mind blowing her soles were soft on my shaft and her long toes curled round my penis head. But best of all her heel slapped my balls at the same time, just like her mules slapped her heels. She laughed in a way that demonstrated she knew exactly the feelings I was going through and what she was doing to me. You really are a foot boy aren't you? Pushing it into my face so I had to smell her nylon and her battered stinky mule. She continued to work on my cock with her bare foot. The joint effect stiffened me still further. It was sensory overload, the smell, the taste the massaging of my cock and balls, I was bursting to cum but knew I shouldn't give in yet! Keep fighting it I said to myself. Her next trick added to my sensory overload. She was fingering her pussy whilst she wanked me I could see her rubbing her cunt and I could smell her pussy nectar. God this was fucking amazing but I have got to hold out and not bust my nut just yet. Fight your desire to come, fight your desire to just stroke off! Keep it going you're doing really well' What's the feeling like? Oh sorry you can't talk can you? Not with my foot in your mouth! I think it's amazing I'm loving it! You licking my foot while I give you a foot job! Those balls are so full of cum aren't they? That's a good boy, keep fighting. I know you want to come so bad. I'm loving doing this to you. So much in fact that I'm fingering my cunt. Oh but you know that don't you? You can smell me even if you can't see properly because my foot is on your face! One slip and she could cut my throat. The prospect of the danger thrilled me more. She was such an expert she could read my body. She sensed my heartbeat, my breathing my excitement and synchronised her motions with her feet on my face and cock with them. The combined feeling was out of this world. I had never felt such a build up to cumming. Oh the anticipation but when? She further increased the pressure on my face with her shoe. I could taste her nylon foot and the sour leather of her mule. The taste was deliciously sexy and it crossed my mind how many other men had tasted such a honeyed combination. Reading my mind she announced, 'You're not the first to have done that to those shoes other men have left me their offerings on that shoe as well! This fact aroused me even more. Other men, entranced by her siren charms had dashed their rocks on these shoes. These shoes were sex goddess shoes, the shoes of pleasure giver to foot fetishists everywhere. You want to cum! You need to don't you? Will you be able to do it when I say? Not yet my foot lover! Not yet my shoe foot fetish Boy! I writhed around trying to take my mind way from cumming. It was torture, a delicious torture. An experience of cosmic proportions. More cum than I have ever deposited before. It feels so good doesn't it? Every man with a foot fetish gets to do this and I know you love it, even if you men can't ever admit it! With that she placed her sperm encrusted foot on my nose and mouth. My foot skink, toe jam and your cum? Yes I know it tastes good, you love it! Don't you' It tasted fucking amazing. As she brought her foot to my face cum dripped out of her toe cleavage into my mouth and onto my nose. Then she increased the pressure of her foot, moving the cum around my face, squishing it to all corners. Although I'd come these sensations caused more involuntary spasms. I could barely breath I gasp for air through her sodden toe cleavage inhaling it through my mouth and nose and eating it at the same time as I was trying to breathe. What is mind blowing sex

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  1. On average you should switch up sexual positions every minutes or less, or when you have the urge to try something new.

  2. Then, move your tongue in circles around the clit only either in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. Still hard as well, maybe we can go again in a little while! This will tell you how to get her back into sex in case she has lost interest.

  3. She continued for a while but then suddenly changed her attack. Steer clear of any that include the preservative propylene glycol in the ingredient list; it can be irritating.

  4. On average you should switch up sexual positions every minutes or less, or when you have the urge to try something new. Approach sex with the excitement and curiosity of a scholar eager for learning. Here are some sex positions with a lot of skin-to-skin contact:

  5. Here are some other ways you can add variety: With that she placed her sperm encrusted foot on my nose and mouth. That's a good boy, keep fighting.

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