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65 Year Old Man Marries 12 Year Old Girl! (Child Marriage Social Experiment)

Young fourteen year old sex video

This is terrible and a child abuse. August 6, at 5: I have a daughter who is August 6, at 2: I don't even know what that means but it sure sounds like you are just fine with child rape. August 6, at 6: These pathetic "men" who need to marry these little babies speaks volumes of just how masculine they are NOT! They must not be able to have a healthy relationship with someone their own age since they marry these little babies. August 6, at She has dreams and this so called man will crush all of them. The days of a male dominated society is dwendling down. August 7, at 1: August 7, at 2: August 17, at 7: You make me sick and its bevause of low lives like you that this world will never change. September 27, at 4: I am not sure what you are trying to say. Have you ever taken a spelling test? January 8, at 2: But, this "40" years old man looks far more than 40 years old, I would say January 9, at January 15, at Stripping them from everything from their innocence and their childhood and no chance of having a huge and great chance of a life of Their Own I have no clue what right they have power over a young child to make their own life and what's sad to say as their parents willing to strip what's left of their children's life being raped constantly to a man they don't even know and not being let know that they are going to get married at a very young age it should be a law in every country not to do that I wish there was a way that I can make a change for everyone in her life especially young innocent girls August 3, at 2: The world is not the United States, you do understand that don't you. Its unfortunate because its culturally ingrained, very different from pedophilia, since they engage in a marriage that was probably normal to European cultures centuries ago. The answer is education, which unfortunately these people do not have access to. August 6, at 3: What do you people always have to bring America into the conversation? You need to get an education, I'm sorry one has not been provided to you Get of your high horses, and leave the USA alone already. Just because it is tradition doesn't make it right. These are children who never have a say in their own future. Not having any kind of education isn't an excuse! I am a Psychologist trained in both Domestic violence and child abuse and you would be surprised at how many of these cultural practices are linked to Honor Killings. Don't forget that Mohammed, the Muslim "prophet", who is regarded by Muslims as the perfect example for mankind, married a girl when she was just 6, and consummated that marriage when she was just 9. Mohammed was in his 50s. This disgusting practice won't soon fade in the world. Bullet to the head. I might point out that the average life expectancy was less than half of what it is today. I might also point out that currently A. That's years, by the way. Regardless, apparently Europe and much of the world has evolved, but not the places mentioned in this article August 6, at 7: I don't care WHERE you're from, if you find that type of behavior normal or even acceptable, you and your so called 'culture' are a disease, a common threat to all civilized society and should be wiped off the face of the planet. August 6, at 7: United States or not the US. I does not matter. A four year old girl being married to a grown man. Even 11 years old to a grown man is sick. Dont care if its been part of the culture for a million years. We will pray for them in the US. August 6, at 8: August 6, at 9: Admittedly, this often meant they were 13, 14, 15 instead of 9, 10, 11, but the primary point was that the girl was capable of childbearing. A family that can't afford to keep themselves fed will happily marry off a daughter or two so that someone else becomes responsible for them. A large, older man penetrating a young girl? She has no breasts, probably hasn't even begun her period yet and no one questions this? August 7, at If you can even find an argument as to why this is race related or any excuse to why this is acceptable you shouldn't be breathing. I'm from the USA but I am un-American with the ways of power and the selling out of its people to communism E August 7, at 9: I keep seeing "girls are expensive and a burden" but how are you expecting girls, women to be viable when they are yanked from school at 6 to "marry" become a slave to some unknown man? Of course they are burdens! They have no right to make anything of themselves! I'm so tired of the excuses we are taught to offer up to men in every country for their disgusting actions. Ask these baby girls about "culture" and "understanding" and maybe then you will be educated. August 12, at 9: We DO prosecute this kind of thing in North America. October 24, at 8: If she is not old enough to bleed that person is to be tried to the highest degree of Rape. October 28, at 5: I believe this is bad too but think about it What about all the other 3rd world countries that dont have access to the outside media? What about a kid who was raised to hate?? Do you know how many countries hate US because be try to implement our beliefs. January 9, at 3: They do not know to marry off a 9 or 11 years- old girl was common praxis here in our own country for just a years ago. Look at the Mormon polygamists in the past and today. Try opening a book, idiot. October 1, at 1: August 6, at 4: Don't generalize what happens in poor countries and countries without education have nothing to do with Islam not everyone that prays means he is a true Muslim. Did you not listen to Amanpour? It has more to do with customs and culture than anything else. These kind of people must be panished and imprisoned. It is against God will to marry 4,5,6,7,8,9 or 17 years young girls because of thier religion and cultures. If religion or culture is the cause therefore that wasn't really true one may be is evil one. Your use of the word "retard" cancels out any kind of validity that your post might have had. Or did your lips get tired? I dont care whether u r Abraham lincoln. For your information Islam and Muslim will be protected by almighty god. What about the Christians and Hindus noted in the article or didn't you read the whole article? We have allowed it to go on for years.. People in glass houses should not start throwing rocks, Let's clean up our own backyard first! It's in the third world countries where culture and tradition still stands. So if you read the article you will understand the whole point about it. He lives in a freakin Hut!! This is a terrible practice but I think the lawyers can stay out of it. These people are animals and no amount of American justice will stop them August 6, at 5: Young fourteen year old sex video

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  1. I told her to give me a second and while waiting for me, she stripped totally naked! The answer is education, which unfortunately these people do not have access to. I don't even know what that means but it sure sounds like you are just fine with child rape.

  2. I hope that this can change for the good and best of all the young girls whom are forced to do these things. Ask these baby girls about "culture" and "understanding" and maybe then you will be educated. January 9, at 3:

  3. What do you people always have to bring America into the conversation? If it were, how could be justify these computers, or even knowing how to read and write unless we are aristocrates? And now fear, O Joseph, lest the same things happen in your house.

  4. August 6, at 5: The teenage girl started slow and gentle and pretty soon I was burying her face in my crotch, pushing my huge cock down her throat, making her choke and gag as she deep throated me, begging me to fuck her mouth. August 6, at 4:

  5. August 6, at 8: We all have choices to make for some it's out of their control, like this saying "children are seen not heard". These people are animals and no amount of American justice will stop them August 6, at 5:

  6. It takes the coming of God himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, to deal with our evil, forgive our cultural wrongs, blind-spots, and lame excuses for wrongdoing. Ever since this temple was built by Solomon, there have been in it virgins, the daughters of kings and the daughters of prophets, and of high priests and priests; and they were great, and worthy of admiration. We DO prosecute this kind of thing in North America.

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